Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where did the week go??!!??

This week has gone by very quickly. We started out the week with a training drill at our on-site training facility. Since then, I have spent the rest of my daytime hours in Inspector 1 class this week. After class, we have been going out and doing inspections, as well as our other daily routine. All of that with study time in the evenings and time has just disappeared. As far as the crew, We have all really gotten comfortable with each other. We had a cookout for Father's Day here at the station. There were also some military personnel that came. We had a good time. Not a whole lot exciting this week, but definately not a down moment in sight this week. All is well and going good here at Victory.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My First Fire in Iraq

We had our first fire since I have been here this last week. It was on June 4. Our whole engine crew was actually at the gym working out when the call came out. When we stepped outside, the smoke was very black and heavy. We found out on the way that the fire was at an MRAP(armored personnel carrier) yard. The fire had caught several pallets of stuff on fire as well as a few tanks of JP-8 fuel. Needless to say if the 120 degree ambient aire temp didn't make it bad enough, the fuel did the rest. We spent about 4 hours out there. Other than that, the week was very uneventful. I am being trained to take over as the Base Training Officer here at Camp Liberty. I will be responsible for diseminating the training material that comes from HQ to all of the stations here on the base. I will also be responsible for making sure all of the data is sent back to HQ after the training has been done. It is a handful trying to keep up with 4 stations and about 70 firefighters. Inspections is also another big task here every day. And of course, there is always alot of paperwork to be done. That is about all for this week. Oh, in the pictuer, I am the third from the left. Hopefully I will have more by the end of the week.