Friday, October 17, 2008

Back in the 'Burbs of Baghdad!

Im back in Iraq. I am finally getting back into the swing of things over here. Jet lag is a real pain in the butt. It has taken a few days more than expected this time to get used to the time difference! My vacation at home was awesome. Heather and I even got to spend a few days at Jacksonville Beach. When I got back here, I was assigned a new job. I am now in charge of inspections for the base. It is a very time consuming and frustrating job. I have to schedule all of the inspections, check all the paperwork, and make sure everything is done correctly for 39,000 inspections a year. I am even busier now than I was before on training. I started a new class on Wednesday. I am in to get my Fire Inspector II certification. It is a very boring and redundant class, but it is another certification to add to my resume'. I will be out of class tomorrow and back on the truck. When I got back our crew and station had been totally revamped. Our Heavy Rescue got moved to another one of our stations(more of the HAZMAT areas are in that stations area). The crew for that truck was also reassigned to that station. We now only have about 10 guys in this station designed to hold 24! It is much quieter and less crowded. My two good friends Cain and Whitt are both still here. We have a good time. I am just trying to focus on my job here and make it to my next R&R. Until then, it is all uphill!