Friday, November 14, 2008

I have been back from R&R a month now. I'm still not quite sure whch end is up. I have been so swamped with work. When I got back I had been taken off Training and put in charge of the Prevention(Inspections) program for the base. Sounds easy enough until you find out that as a base with 4 stations we do 39,000 inspections a year! I have finally gotten everything figured out and running smooth. So once again things are starting to slowly get back to normal. Heather and I have began to plan my second R&R. I will fly out on February 10th to Rome, Italy! Heather will join me a couple of days later and we will get to spend Valentine's day together in Europe. We are both very excited about this trip. The details are still in the making but the plane tickets have been bought! Last but not least, after 3 years of absence from the two wheel scene...Heather finally let me buy a motorcycle! As of today, I have ordered a 2009 Harley Davidson Night Train. It will be sent to a dealership in Georgia and ready for me to pick up when I get home in May. Today is officially the start of my second half over here. Just 179 more days to go and I will be back home to see everyone and enjoy my new toy!